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Moving does not have to be stressful. Don't listen to anyone who is telling you that the transition to your new home is a nightmare waiting to happen. I have moved many times and can offer you a great piece of advice: Relax and begin as soon as possible because preperation will keep you relaxed. Whistle while you work and do what you can every day until your move.

I've listed a few tips to help your move to be comfortable and safe. Start to pack as soon as you know about your move. Don't procrastinate because it is never worth it. You can add unnecessary stress to yourself, and others, when you are not prepared for what has to eventually happen. The day of your move is not the ideal time to give yourself a reality check about the importance of being organized and prepared. Make a complete list and prioritize your list according to dates, the tasks that can and have to be accomplished first, and then the rest to follow. Keep your list in a journal/notebook that is brightly coloured so it easy to locate. Also write your thoughts, ideas, plans, and additional information abut your move in your journal/notebook to keep your mind uncluttered.

Hopefully, there is some time for you to pack and prepare for your new life change. If not, call in as much help as you can. Place items safely in larger bins to help reduce packing and multiple trips to the moving vehicle(s). Beware of item weight to protect yourself and the other mover(s) from injury. When the move is to a smaller home, begin to downsize NOW. Simplify as much as you can. Only take the items you love and require.

Be kind to the movers, and when possible pack heavy items into smaller boxes and containers. Remind yourself to enquire about the size of door entries in your new home in order to know if your furniture, appliances, etc. can fit through the openings. Have the proper tools available to remove doors if necessary.

Arrange to have your pet(s) stay with a person they are comfortable with during your moving process. From your previous home, bring a supply of your pet's drinking water in glass containers. Gradually add the 'new' water to the water your pet drinks now to help avoid an upset stomach.

Do all packing, repairs, laundry, cleaning, change of address, and recycling  (clothing, household items, paper, plastic, etc.) as soon as you can. Fill-ups such as drinking water, propane for the BBQ, gas for vehicles and under-hood fluids should be done a few days before your move. Don't make unnecessary appointments near, or on, your moving date and ask helpers to check their appointment schedules to avoid moving issues.

Stay calm, have fun, make lists (they do help), make copies of your lists for you and your helpers to assist with organization and completion of tasks.

Happy moving, good luck, and all the best in your new home!

Annina's Bake Shop, Café & Catering
Fine Baked Goods from the Esteemed Chef Marco Cassano
by Mari L

Located in the heart of Goodwood, Annina’s Bake Shop, Café & Catering is a great visiting spot for anyone seeking a gratifying experience. Specialty baked goods are showcased at this countryside bakery offering a variety of delectable desserts and home-style meals. Annina’s features their famous butter tarts, signature cakes, and an array of heavenly pastries. You can treat yourself to good ol’ fashioned fruit pies, oven baked breads and gourmet cookies, flaky croissants, and other irresistible treats. 

The quality and presentation of Annina’s baked goods and freshly prepared foods excel beyond average. Every melt in your mouth, delicious bite has that home-made appeal to heighten the senses and deliver just what we expect to receive from a quality bake shop. From a fine cup of coffee to a savoury sandwich with a few slices of the tastiest crunchy pickle  (seriously), every detail assures taste bud satisfaction. 

The new menu focuses on, "Classic comfort food with a twist". You can enjoy a meal and delightful treat in the charming cafe on the second floor, or in the  tranquility of the front garden (weather permitting). Another much-loved niche at Annina’s, displays a great selection of preservative-free, house-made sauces and dressings, frozen meals, quiches, and an assortment of scrumptious meat pies. 

If you love unique flavourings, have a browse and you will discover the  perfect taste sensations to enhance your favourite dishes: Artisanal honey and jams, premium oils and vinegars, seasonings, pickles, mustards, and more. You may want to select a few items to create a custom gift basket for that special someone who appreciates awesomeness.

With over 25 years of expertise, Chef Marco Cassano offers full-service catering for any special occasion and event style. The finest ingredients are prepared and served to perfection. Impeccable service and attention to detail create the ideal experience for you and your guests. Relax and imagine! Your event can be deliciously stress-free. 

Annina’s Bake Shop, Café & Catering is well recognized as a foodie destination for cottagers and travellers, cyclists, locals, and lovers of amazing baked goods. ‘Always Quality Ingredients – Crafted With Love!’  

Also Available:   Gluten-free and Vegetarian

Made to Order:   Nut-free, Vegan, and Organic

Plant blueberries in your backyard to enjoy three seasons of spectacular colours and bring the ‘fruits of your labour’ to the table!

Blueberries are recognized as a Super Fruit for their numerous health benefits. Many studies have shown that blueberries berries are high in antioxidants, slowing the effects of aging and improving overall health. Eating blueberries can have positive effects on the digestive tract, vision, heart and brain health, and may help to prevent certain forms of cancer.

Blueberry bushes are also an excellent addition to any landscape. Highbush blueberries are hardy plants that require little maintenance and provide a lifetime of ornamental value and edible enjoyment. Blueberries prefer to grow in well-drained, acidic soils (pH between 3.5 and 5.5) that are high in organic matter. When planting blueberry bushes, dig a trench and fill it with wet Canadian Sphagnum peat moss. This variety of moss is naturally very acidic, fosters good drainage and has high organic matter, making it perfect for growing blueberries. Blueberry bushes can also live in large planters that are at least 15-20 gallons (preferably natural). Planters can be used for smaller spaces, on decks, or any appropriate location in your yard.

Our planters are hand-made from Ontario white cedar that is certified as Ontario Wood by the Ministry of Natural Resources for being local and sustainably made. These planters are long-lasting and perfect for gardens, cottages, urban agriculture, roof top gardening, square foot gardening and more!

Blueberry bushes prefer full sun and can grow 4-6 feet tall (depending on the variety), and 3-4 feet wide. Within 5 years, you can expect approximately 10 pounds of berries per bush. Expect some blueberries in the first year, and with the following years the amount will grow and grow. When taken care of properly, bushes can live 30-50 years or more!

You can make organic fertilizer for your blueberry plants by saving and composting coffee grounds and leaves (maple and oak are the best). Mix these items together and allow them to compost, stirring occasionally. Put a couple of handfuls on the earth around each bush in the spring, and they will be very happy!

For more information about caring for blueberry bushes, please send us an email: wilsonsfresh@gmail.com or call: 705.799.0315. Visit us at: wilsonsfreshblueberries.ca  

Pruning for a Long and Happy Tree Life
by Brendan Brown

Preventative maintenance is the new frontier of Arboriculture. There are many options to consider in order to preserve a tree and to prevent removal. Before planting, focus on correct placement with the future in mind. As the tree grows and matures, prune for health and structural integrity.

There are many benefits of tree pruning:
- Proper prunin g can increase the stability, overall health and longevity of a tree.
- Tree pruning may be essential for providing safe environments, and prevention of hazards from storms.
- Annual assessment and pruning of mature trees is important to address possible hazards/diseases/pests in a timely manner.
- Maintenance such as pruning and cabling helps avoid removal of large limbs, which may otherwise become hazardous.

An Arborist can help assess trees, identify species, and determine proper pruning procedure. A few pieces of of tree pruning advice:
- Cutting branches from the underside first prevents peeling.
- Do not prune branches flush to the tree. It is important for healing purposes to leave a branch collar.
- Avoid pruning stems wider than four to six inches, as this can slow growth, invite pests and disease,
  and extend healing time.
- Pruning large limbs is best during the dormant season.

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