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Fresh Herbs Add More Than Good Taste
by Conrad Richter

Adding fresh herbs to homecooked fare, or even frozen foods and take out, elevates a simple meal into something special. A little fresh basil added to anything with tomatoes, fresh-chopped chives sprinkled over salads or on any egg dish, thyme and rosemary on meat – these are the yummy basics any gourmand can master in short order with fresh herbs from the garden.

But taste is not the only reason why you should add herbs to your meals. 

Long before the Internet, and before the phone – even before the stone tablet -- our ancestors huddled around the fire to cook their daily meal. In those days food safety meant getting food safely into the stomach as quickly as possible before someone else took it away. No doubt those prehistoric folks got indigestion while wolfing down their food.  

Then somebody came up with the bright idea of adding herbs to the cooking pot; herbs that help to settle the stomach. Herbs actually stimulate the digestive system so the body absorbs nutrients more effectively. If our ancestors had to rush their meals at least they got every bit of goodness from what food they could find. The same herbs that help settle the stomach also help settle the mind, so those early folks slept more soundly too. 

We still live hurried lives today, but herbs can help make our food healthier. Try growing some herbs in your garden this year. Your body will thank you for it!

​​Annina's Bake Shop, Café & Catering
Fine Baked Goods from the Esteemed Chef Marco Cassano
by Mari L

Located in the heart of Goodwood, Annina’s Bake Shop, Café & Catering is a great visiting spot for anyone seeking a gratifying experience. Specialty baked goods are showcased at this countryside bakery offering a variety of delectable desserts and home-style meals. Annina’sfeatures their famous butter tarts, signature cakes, and an array of heavenly pastries. You can treat yourself to good ol’ fashioned fruit pies, oven baked breads and gourmet cookies, flaky croissants, and other irresistible treats. 

The quality and presentation of Annina’s baked goods and freshly prepared foods excel beyond average. Every melt in your mouth, delicious bite has that home-made appeal to heighten the senses and deliver just what we expect to receive from a quality bake shop. From a fine cup of coffee to a savoury sandwich with a slice of the tastiest, crunchy pickle  (seriously), every detail assures taste bud satisfaction. 

The new menu focuses on, ‘classic comfort food with a twist’. You can enjoy a meal and delightful treat in the charming café on the second   floor, and in the  tranquility of the front garden (weather permitting). Another much-loved niche at Annina’s, displays a great selection of preservative-free, house-made sauces and dressings, frozen meals, quiches, and a variety of scrumptious meat pies. 

If you love unique flavourings, have a browse and you will discover the  perfect taste sensations to enhance your favourite dishes - Artisanal honey and jams, premium oils and vinegars, seasonings, pickles, mustards, and more. You may want to select a few items to create a custom gift basket for that special someone who appreciates awesomeness.

With over 25 years of extensive experience, Chef Marco Cassano offers full-  service catering for any special occasion and event style. The finest ingredients are prepared and served to perfection. Impeccable service and attention to detail create the ideal experience for you and your guests. Relax and imagine! Your event can be deliciously stress-free. 

Annina’s Bake Shop, Café & Catering is well recognized as a foodie destination for cottagers and travellers, cyclists, locals, and lovers of amazing baked goods. ‘Always Quality Ingredients – Crafted With Love!’  

Also Available:   Gluten-free and Vegetarian         Made to Order:   Nut-free, Vegan, and Organic


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