Aloe Vera  l  Bee Balm

Bell Flower  l   Bleeding Heart

Blue Holly  l  Butterfly Bush

Cardinal Flower  l  Foxglove

Fuchsia  l  Hollyhock

Honey Suckle  l  Lupine

Morning Glory  l  Phlox

Rose of Sharon  l  Sage

Snap Dragon  l  Sweet William

Trumpet Vine  l  Hummingbird Mint



by MARI  L
The ancient art of extracting essential oils from medicinal plants has existed for thousands of years.
As the natural, healing properties of essential  oils are drawn through the senses, they can assist to calm the nervous system, improve circulation, heal ailments associated with specific traumas and sorrow, and restore a state of well-being.

Just breathe and relax.



Do you want to simplify your life, eliminate extra work in the kitchen, and develop an easy daily practice that can assist you to attain and maintain optimum health (the best health you can have)? Perhaps you want to look and feel younger, have more energy, and strengthen your immune system to be more resilient.

Sometimes, information can be so precise and easy to understand that it seems too good to be true. I understand and can assure you that the following wisdom comes from many years of experience and research. I have always believed that Mother Nature gives us exactly what we require to be healthy: a miraculous bounty of fruits; nuts and seeds; vegetables; leafy plants including lettuces, greens, and herbs; and other nutrient-rich plant foods. I also believe the magical formula for success, regarding our health, is to eat these foods WHOLE from their natural state, RIPE, RAW, and preferable ORGANIC.

Did I lose you? Have you drifted off to daydream about your favourite cooked meals? Experience some freedom, away from the world of cooking. Think about how much easier it is to eat a piece of fresh fruit, a wonderful bowl of berries, a few raw nuts and seeds (pre-soaked in purified water), and to make a quick smoothie or simple salad.

I have created many smoothie and salad sensations that include a few handfuls of leafy plants and no more than 3 -5 other flavourful, nutritious ingredients. I'm never bored, or feel like I've had to take almost every food available from the refrigerator and shelves to make a smoothie or salad more interesting to my palate.

When we supply the body with living enzymes from a variety of plant-based foods, wonderful things can happen:

  • we help to maintain healthy organs
  • assist to regulate our weight and metabolism
  • support healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • create healthy oxygen levels and an acid/alkaline pH balance
  • strengthen blood vessels and cell development
  • regulate blood pressure (remember to drink water to assist your blood pressure to be at a healthy rate)
  • provide natural electrolytes that generate the electrical charge across nerve and muscle cell membranes for each body movement to occur
  • enhance brain function, alertness, focus, and concentration
  • naturally cleanse and detox the body
  • help to regulate rest and sleep patterns
  • reduce depression and mood swings
  • improve eye-sight, hearing, and hand-eye co-ordination
  • release aches and pains, reduce or eliminate swelling, and the list goes on...

Living fruit, vegetable, and leafy plant enzymes also support the pancreas and other digestive organs as they process and guide nutrients effectively. Are there other benefits? Yes! Living enzymes from plant foods supply the body with immune builders, antioxidants, protection for cell DNA, and natural components for proper hormone development. The key is to allow each precise and matching, interconnecting living enzyme to align properly in order to give the body what it requires to function as accurately as it can.

Vital living enzymes are reduced or eliminated when food is processed and cooked at high temperatures. Blood sugar levels can also become elevated because there may not be enough fibre available to slow digestion and absorption. If you have Type 2 Diabetes, try reducing or eliminating processed foods and highly cooked foods to help lower blood sugar levels. Remember, living enzymes in raw plant foods can be utilized by the body as an energy source. This is why we should consume healthy, raw foods that are plant-based as they are life-giving because they have life in them. Heavily processed and highly cooked foods cause the body to work too hard to eliminate the overproduction of sugars and matter that is of little, or no use to the body. When this fails, unfortunately the sugars remain in the bloodstream for too long and if the body cannot remove these sugars (via natural insulin from the pancreas), they are stored as fat, or a blood sugar reaction occurs.

Let's check to become aware of the amount of raw plant-foods you eat to maintain optimum health. Do you eat your proper servings of fresh, ripe, and raw: fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, essential fats (plant-based), and proteins in a day? How much food do you eat that is heavily processed (not whole/raw/fresh, or lightly processed), and how much cooked food do you eat that has been prepared at temperatures above 105 to 107 degrees Celsius. If you have low energy levels, or Type 2 Diabetes, this information may help you to understand why your body is not working as well as it can for you. Living Plant Foods = Living Enzymes = Balanced Hormones = Proper Energy for the Body = Optimum Health!

I believe the body does not know how to process and eliminate heavily processed and highly cooked foods because it is not natural fuel (energy) for the body. Hormones become misaligned because they cannot function properly without living enzymes. Hormones are the bosses that tell each part of the body, every cell, what to do. Over time the situation can worsen until the pancreas and liver are 'worn out' trying to utilize or eliminate what are essentially toxins. 

I have a guideline that I call 90% RAW and 10% FUN. My daily intake of food is 90% RAW, however, I have a 10% allowance as I do enjoy warm homemade soups in the cold months, fine dining, and the occasional natural, tasty treat (guilt free of course). You can create your own guidelines to introduce more RAW fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and leafy plants into your meals. Many people begin with 60% RAW and 40% cooked foods. Enjoy the transformation as you expand your taste bud horizons to experience the delicious bounty Mother Nature has to offer you naturally and RAW. 


by Mari L

Purchase organic and/or natural foods when possible. Try to eat the following foods from a whole state, fresh, ripe, and RAW !

● Berries, Cherries
● Lemons, Limes, Oranges
● Apples, Pears, Kiwi, Grapes
● Peaches, Apricots
● Pineapple, Coconut, Bananas
● Pomegranate
● Melon varieties
● Okra, Olives, Rose Hip
● Ripe Tomatoes, Red Pepper
● Butternut Squash and other Squash varities
● Cucumber
● Avocados

● Spinach, Arugula, Bok Choy, Baby Kale, Radicchio, Watercress, Mixed Lettuces
● Greens: Dandelion, Mustard, Beet
● Fresh/Dried Herbs including Parsley, Cilantro, Sage, Oregano, Dill, Mint, Basil, Rosemary
● Fresh Sprouts
● Celery including the leaves
● Green/Spring Onions, Chives

SPICES including Turmeric, Cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper

● Carrot and Leafy Tops, Cauliflower, Broccoli Family, Asparagus, Red Cabbage

● Quinoa, Long Grain Brown Rice, Wild Rice
● Legumes including: Green Beans, Peas (Snap, Snow, Sweet)
● Raw Nuts: Almond, Brazil, Walnut,
● Raw Seeds: Chia, Hemp, Sesame, Pumpkin, Flax, Sunflower
● Your favourite, organic Protein Sources (cook if necessary, ex: meat, poultry, fish)

● Best quality Olive, Coconut, and your favourite Organic Oils 


   Remember to ...

  • experience your favourite inspirational music

  • have fabulous adventures with wonderful, entertaining people or wonderful YOU !

  • listen to teachers and mentors who are accurate, peaceful, fair, and wise

  • visit nature as often as you can

  • laugh when it is polite to do so and have fun

  • express your uniqueness and creativity

  • enjoy healthy foods and offer your gratitude to your provider(s) and nature

  • be your own best friend

  • ​smile from the inside out


        Mari  L

Infused Water
​​​Save coffee or tea time for 3-5 hours after you rise and shine. Start your day with a rejuvenating, tall glass of purified water that has been infused with healthy, plant-based foods. Infused water helps to cleanse and hydrate the body, strengthen the immune system, and calm the nervous system while assisting the brain to be focused and alert.

Add some zing to your drinking water with nutrient-rich foods:

Fruits - lemon, lime, berries, cherries, pomegranate, cucumber (yes, cucumber is a fruit), oranges, and other  nutritious fruits

Herbs - mint, celery leaves, thyme, and parsley will add minerals

to your body naturally

Ginger - a fall and winter warmer that also boosts the immune system
Lettuces - baby kale, spinach, and purple lettuce for additional antioxidants and minerals

If possible, use glass containers for storing and infusing water (and when taking drinking water along with you). Some plastic and metal containers are made from unhealthy materials and may not be safe to use. I use glass containers for my drinking water and for most items that require a bottle, vessel, or holder of some kind.


Healthy,Happy Living


by MARI  L

The natural way to assist Hummingbirds to receive their vital nutrients is to adorn our out-door gardens and containers with a variety of beautiful, flowering plants. Flower nectar has a complete mix of natural sugars, living enzymes, and other essential properties that provide our Hummingbird friends with a wholesome drink of life-giving energies. The key words expressed here are ‘natural’ and ‘living’ for the reason that all living things require natural foods with living enzymes in order to maintain and strengthen the immune system and over-all health.

Mother Nature has designed the perfect, organic nutriment that offers an abundance of nectar for little Hummers. The commonly known water and processed sugar formula is not an ideal source of food for Hummingbirds as it is void of any vital, living nutrients. Adding red dye and other harmful ingredients causes an even greater risk to the precious Hummingbird population and its evolution.

We can enhance our lives with colour and beauty while creating a flourish of natural, living essences for little Hummingbirds to drink. There are abundant varieties of flowering plants that produce colourful blooms and sweet nectar for Hummers to receive their primary sustenance from Nature

In alphabetical order:
Aloe Vera, Bee Balm, Bell Flower, Bleeding Heart,
Blue Holly, Butterfly Bush, Cardinal Flower, Foxglove, Fuchsia, Hollyhock, Honey Suckle, Hummingbird Mint, Lupine, Morning Glory, Phlox, Rose of Sharon, Sage, Snap Dragon, Sweet William, and Trumpet Vine. 

Remember to use organic soil and containers made from natural materials to ensure you are producing the healthiest, flowering plants. Do not add chemical fertilizers, synthetic materials, and other toxic products to the soil, containers, or plants.

Now we can enjoy Hummingbirds flitting about, knowing that we are doing our best to assist the survival of Nature’s little wonders.


Quinoa is an ancient, edible seed and has been a food staple of the Inca people for thousands of years. Quinoa is pronounced “Keen-Wah” and the name means Mother Seed (according to my indigenous resources).
Superfood quinoa is a naturally gluten-free seed and an excellent source of protein, fiber, minerals, and other healthy nutrients. Coloured varieties have a nutty taste, whereas white quinoa is mild and can take on other flavours easily. You may want to try lighter coloured quinoa seeds first and gradually add the deeper coloured varieties to create unique flavour sensations that entice your taste buds. 
Quinoa also partners well with many savoury and sweet foods. Before cooking or sprouting quinoa, rinse well to ensure the saponins (outer properties) are removed as the taste can be bitter.


There are many health benefits associated with hydrating the physical body with pure, revitalizing drinking water. The amount of water that each of us requires may differ from one person to another depending on lifestyle, health, metabolism, and physical activity. The water we drink, like our food, should be as free from contaminants as possible.

Drinking properly filtered water helps the body to function effectively. Water is very important to regulate oxygen levels and blood volume, and to move essential nutrients through to be digested and absorbed. Water supports this vital process as well as maintaining the balance that must occur between electrolytes, cells, and muscles.

Water also helps our brains to be more attuned, focused and alert. When the body is hydrated, we are less likely to become moody, stiff, sore, and tired. Water supports the body's organs, especially the skin, brain and kidneys; glands; blood; and digestive tract; resulting in a healthier immune system. Our ability to remove waste and toxins also depends on water utilized within the body.

Remember to hydrate your body at the beginning of your day and to continue to drink water as your thirst signals you to do so. If you do not have a desire or natural response to drink water, take a few mouthfuls every 20 - 30 minutes to ensure you are hydrating yourself and supporting your over-all health. You can also infuse water to energize it with healthy plant-based foods (mint, celery, lemon, lime, ginger...) to add vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial properties.

Healthy Foods = Healthy Energy


The Mother Seed